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Welcome to TextACabVA.com
TextACabVA.com is the most reliable and on time service in Blacksburg, VA and surrounding areas .Let us help organize your time the most efficiently when you need reliable transportation whether it be on daily basis .we will take your order and on the specified days you request, we will dispatch your order right away .

WHY U CHOOSE US! Because not only we are affordable but we are on time. We are also the most reliable, hospitable, polite and courteous with our clients. We offer the standard rides from colleges, airport services, point to point transport, conventions and other event services .choose us as your number one choice, thank you!!

Hear It From Our Customers

  • Steven Phillips

    I'am a frequent traveller and I need to be on time to my appointments. Textacabva.com has been providing me service for a while now. They have really been living up to their promise of being on time and there for me regardless of what day and time I travel. Great taxi service.
  • Kelly Thomas

    I wanted to take my daughter around the town and also needed to do a bit of shopping myself. Textacabva.com has done an excellent job with their services. Their vehicles were clean, spacious and best of all their driver was very patient with. I will be their repeat customer forever now.